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The Perennial and Wildflower Garden

Gardening in Tucson, Phoenix, Arizona and Southern California

The Perennial and Wildflower Garden

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White Tackstem flower

Agastache rupestris: Threadleaf Giant Hyssop / Licorice Mint
Orange-red, tubular flowers arrayed on spikes, edible.

Asclepias subulata: Rush Milkweed / Desert Milkweed
Long, narrow, upright blue to green stems. Small yellow to white flowers in clusters.

Asclepias tuberosa: Butterfly Milkweed
Small bright orange or yellow flowers in terminal clusters.

Baileya multiradiata: Desert Marigold
Yellow flowers 2" wide.

Berlandiera lyrata: Lyreleaf Greeneyes / Chocolate Flower
Yellow rays with dark orange center, chocolate fragrance.

Calylophus hartwegii: Hartweg's Sundrops / Fendler's Sundrops
Large, bright yellow flowers.

Cephalophyllum alstonii: 'Red Spike' Ice Plant
A succulent with red flowers.

Conoclinium greggii: Palmleaf Thoroughwort / Gregg's Mistflower
Fluffy lavender flowers.

Epilobium canum: Hummingbird Trumpet
Reddish-orange flowers 1.5" long in clusters.

Erigeron divergens: Spreading Fleabane
One-inch wide flowers have narrow white rays and yellow centers.

Eschscholzia californica: California Poppy
Orange-yellow flowers 2" wide.

Euphorbia rigida: Gopher Plant
Exotic accent plant. Yellow to yellow-green flowers with red margins.

Gaura lindheimeri: Lindheimer's Beeblossom / Butterfly Gaura
White to pink flowers.

Glandularia gooddingii: Southwestern Mock Vervain / Goodding's Verbena
Hemispherical clusters of purple to pink flowers.

Glandularia pulchella: South American Mock Vervain / Moss Verbena
Hemispherical clusters of purple to pink flowers and lacy leaves.

Lobelia laxiflora: Sierra Madre Lobelia
Orange-red tubular flowers with yellow throats, 2" long.

Malephora luteola: Yellow Trailing Ice Plant / Rocky Point Ice Plant
Yellow flowers, succulent leaves and stems.

Melampodium leucanthum: Plains Blackfoot / Black Foot Daisy
Honey-scented, white flowers, 1.5" wide with yellow eyes.

White Tackstem flower
Calycoseris wrightii:
White Tackstem
Mirabilis multiflora: Colorado Four O'clock / Desert Four O'clock
Purple trumpet flowers, 1" wide and 2-3" long.

Oenothera speciosa: Pinkladies / Mexican Evening Primrose
White to pink 2" wide fragrant flowers.

Penstemon baccharifolius: Baccharisleaf Beardtongue / Rock Penstemon
Tubular red flowers, longer blooming. The easiest of all Penstemons to grow.

Penstemon barbatus: Beardlip Penstemon
Red to red-orange tubular flowers arrayed on spikes.

Penstemon eatonii: Firecracker Penstemon
Bright red tubular flowers, 1" long, arrayed on stem.

Penstemon palmeri: Palmer's Penstemon
Fragrant, light pink to white flowers in clusters.

Penstemon parryi: Parry's Beardtongue / Parry's Penstemon
Dark pink to magenta, tubular flowers with flared lobes.

Penstemon pseudospectabilis: Desert Penstemon
Magenta flowers, 0.75" long in spikes.

Penstemon superbus: Superb Beardtongue / Coral Penstemon
Dark pink, red or orange-red flowers, 0.75" long in spikes.

Perovskia atriplicifolia: Russian Sage
Very small blue to purple flowers on clustered spikes.

Psilostrophe cooperi: Whitestem Paperflower
Yellow flowers 1" wide turn papery with age and remain on plant.

Salvia coccinea: Blood Sage / Scarlet Sage
Bright red flowers.

Salvia elegans: Pineapple Sage
Narrow, red, tubular flowers.

Salvia farinacea: Mealycup Sage
White and blue flowers.

Salvia microphylla: Baby Sage
Red and white flowers.

Senna hirsuta v. glaberrima: Woolly Senna / Slimpod Senna
Vivid yellow flowers 1" wide in showy clusters.

Sphaeralcea ambigua: Desert Globemallow
Cup shaped flowers in orange, red, pink or white.

Tetraneuris acaulis: Stemless Four-Nerve Daisy / Angelita Daisy
Yellow daisy-like flowers. Green, linear, basal leaves.

Thymophylla pentachaeta: Fiveneedle Pricklyleaf / Golden Dyssodia
Yellow daisy-like flowers in abundance. Lacy green leaves.

Verbena rigida: Tuberous Vervain / Sandpaper Verbena
Vivid purple, tiny flowers in hemispherical clusters.

Zinnia acerosa: Desert Zinnia
White flowers with yellow eye.

Zinnia grandiflora: Rocky Mountain Zinnia
Yellow flowers with orange eye.

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