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Low Water Perennial Vines

Gardening in Tucson, Phoenix and Southern California

Low Water Perennial Vines

Antigonon leptopus: Coral Vine / Queen Anne's Wreath
Clusters of small white, pink or red flowers.

Bougainvillea: Bougainvillea
A cascading or climbing vine with colorful bracts.

Callaeum macropterum: Hillyhock / Yellow Orchid Vine
Clustered yellow flowers followed by papery seed pods.

Campsis x tagliabuana: 'Madame Galen' Trumpet Vine
Orange trumpet-shaped flowers.

Clematis ligusticifolia: Western White Clematis
Female plants develop feathery white plumes in fall.

Hardenbergia violacea: Coral-pea / Lilac Vine
Purple, pink or white pea-family flowers, in elongated clusters.

Antigonon leptopus:
Coral Vine
Lonicera japonica: Japanese Honeysuckle / Hall's Honeysuckle
Fragrant white flowers, aging to light yellow.

Macfadyena unguis-cati: Catclawvine
Yellow trumpet flowers 3-4" wide. Drought tolerant.

Rosa banksiae: Lady Banks' Rose
Large clusters of white or yellow flowers.

Tecoma capensis: Cape Honeysuckle
Orange trumpet flowers.

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