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The Hummingbird Garden

Gardening in Tucson, Phoenix, Arizona and Southern California

The Hummingbird Garden

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Pictures of Bats and Hummingbird at Feeders

Tips for a Successful Hummingbird Garden

Hummingbird resting

Hummingbird Flowers – Hummingbird Plants

Agastache rupestris: Threadleaf Giant Hyssop / Licorice Mint
Orange-red, tubular flowers arrayed on spikes, edible.

Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii: Wright's Desert Honeysuckle
/ Flame Honeysuckle

Reddish-orange, tubular flowers.

Anisacanthus thurberi: Thurber's Desert Honeysuckle
Orange to red, tubular flowers.

Bignonia capreolata: Crossvine
A climbing vine with showy, colorful flowers.

Chilopsis linearis: Desert Willow
Large, fragrant flowers, purple, pink or white.

Epilobium canum: Hummingbird Trumpet / Zauschneria
Reddish-orange flowers 1.5" long in clusters.

Eremophila glabra: Common Emu Bush
Red tubular flowers.

Eremophila hygrophana: Blue Emu Bush
Blue tubular flowers. Blooms most of year.

Eremophila maculata var maculata: Red Eremophila / Valentine Bush
Tubular flowers in red and other colors.

Erythrina flabelliformis: Coralbean
Red, tubular flowers, 3" long, in clusters.

Euphorbia lomelii: Slipper Plant / Lady's Slipper
Red bracts in slipper-like shape contain flowers.

Fouquieria splendens: Ocotillo
Very spiny green canes. Orange to red flowers 1" long in clusters at top of canes.

Hesperaloe parviflora: Redflower False Yucca / Red Yucca
Reddish tubular flowers, with yellow throats, hang from narrow spikes on stalks up to 6' high.

Justicia californica: Beloperone / Chuparosa
Reddish tubular flowers. Blue-green, succulent-like stems.

Justicia spicigera: Mohintli / Mexican Honeysuckle
Clusters of orange, tubular flowers.

Lobelia laxiflora: Sierra Madre lobelia
Orange-red tubular flowers with yellow throats, 2" long.

Penstemon baccharifolius: Baccharisleaf Beardtongue / Rock Penstemon
Tubular red flowers. One of the easiest Penstemons to grow. Longer blooming.

Penstemon barbatus: Beardlip Penstemon
Red to red-orange tubular flowers arrayed on spikes.

Penstemon eatonii: Firecracker Penstemon
Bright red tubular flowers, 1" long. Blooms on and off from spring into fall, depending on rain. Easy to grow.

Penstemon palmeri: Palmer's Penstemon
Fragrant, light pink to white flowers in clusters.

Penstemon parryi: Parry's Beardtongue / Parry's Penstemon
Dark pink to magenta tubular flowers with flared lobes.

Penstemon pseudospectabilis: Desert Penstemon
Magenta flowers, 0.75" long in spikes.

Penstemon superbus: Superb Beardtongue / Coral Penstemon
Dark pink, red or orange-red flowers, 0.75" long in spikes.

Salvia coccinea: Blood Sage / Scarlet Sage
Bright red flowers, repeat blooms most of year.

Salvia greggii: Autumn Sage
Red flowers, 1" long, repeat blooms most of year.

Tecoma stans angustata: Yellow Bells
Yellow bell-like flowers 2" long.

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