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Butterfly Garden Tips

Gardening in Tucson, Phoenix, Arizona and Southern California

Butterfly Garden Tips

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Empress Leilia Butterfly

Butterfly Garden Plants

Aloysia gratissima: Whitebrush / Beebush
Small white flowers clustered on spikes with strong vanilla smell.

Checked Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii: Wright's Desert Honeysuckle
/ Flame Honeysuckle

Reddish-orange, tubular flowers.

Aristolochia watsonii: Watson's Dutchman's Pipe / Desert Pipevine
A vine hosting the caterpillar of the Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly.

Checked Asclepias linaria: Pineneedle Milkweed
Green leaves resemble pine needles. Small white flowers in clusters.

Checked Asclepias subulata: Rush Milkweed / Desert Milkweed
A shrub with long, narrow, upright blue to green stems. Small yellow to white odd-shaped flowers in clusters.

Checked Asclepias tuberosa: Butterfly Milkweed
Small bright orange or yellow flowers in terminal clusters.

Empress Leilia Butterfly
Empress Leilia
Caterpillar food plant:

Barkleyanthus salicifolius: Willow Ragwort
Yellow flowers with pale orange centers.

Caesalpinia pulcherrima: Pride-of-Barbados / Red Bird of Paradise
Flowers with yellow, orange and red petals.

Calliandra californica: Tabardillo / Baja Fairy Duster
Flowers are bright red clustered stamens that resemble miniature dusters.

Checked Conoclinium greggii: Palmleaf Thoroughwort / Gregg's Mistflower
Fluffy lavender flowers are a magnet for Queen and Monarch male butterflies.

Erigeron divergens: Spreading Fleabane
One-inch wide flowers with narrow white rays and yellow centers.

Justicia spicigera: Mohintli / Mexican Honeysuckle
Orange, tubular flowers.

Checked Lantana camara: Lantana
Small flowers clustered into hemispheres of various colors. Some cultivars frequently attract butterflies.

Lantana montevidensis: Trailing Shrubverbena / Trailing Lantana
Small flowers in rounded clusters, usually purple or yellow.

Salvia coccinea: Blood Sage / Scarlet Sage
Bright red flowers, long blooming.

Checked Salvia greggii: Autumn Sage
Red flowers, long blooming.

Tagetes lemmonii: Lemmon's Marigold
Aromatic leaves. Yellow flowers with orange centers.

Thymophylla pentachaeta: Fiveneedle Pricklyleaf / Golden Dyssodia
Yellow daisy-like flowers in abundance. Lacy green leaves.

Zinnia acerosa: Desert Zinnia
White flowers with yellow eye.

Checked = These plants receive the most butterfly visits.

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