Garden Succulents

Cephalophyllum alstonii: Iceplant

Cephalophyllum alstonii: 'Red Spike' Ice Plant
Red to magenta flowers.

Cereus repandus: Apple Cactus
A columnar cactus with large, fragrant, night-blooming flowers and edible red fruit.

Euphorbia lomelii (Pedilanthus macrocarpus): Slipper Plant
Long green stems with slipper-shaped, red bracts containing flowers.

Euphorbia rigida: Gopher Plant
An exotic accent plant. Yellow to yellow-green flowers with red margins.

Fouquieria splendens: Ocotillo
Tall, clustered, spiny stems, briefly wrapped in green leaves after rains, topped with red flowers.

Hesperaloe parviflora: Red Yucca
Narrow evergreen leaves and tall stalks with reddish tubular flowers.

Malephora luteola: Rocky Point Ice Plant
Yellow flowers.

Mesembryanthemum cordifolium: Baby Sun Rose
Small red flowers.

Opuntia ficus-indica: Cactus Pear
Cactus cultivars with large cupped, yellow, orange or red flowers and edible fruit and pads.

Portulacaria afra: Elephant Bush
A large, rapidly growing shrub with edible leaves. Small, clustered, pink flowers may appear if conditions are right.

Yucca baccata: Banana Yucca
A shrub with large, clustered white flowers and edible fruit.

Cephalophyllum alstonii

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