Winter Blooming Plants

Spotted Emu Bush

Herbaceous Perennials

Baileya multiradiata: Desert Marigold
Bright yellow flowers.

Eschscholzia californica: California Poppy
Orange-yellow flowers 2" wide.

Gaura lindheimeri: Gaura
Oddly shaped white to pink flowers on long, thin stalks.

Gazania rigens: Gazania
Large flowers in vivid colors, including yellow and orange.

Glandularia gooddingii: Southwestern Mock Vervain
Hemispherical clusters of purple to pink flowers.

Melampodium leucanthum: Black Foot Daisy
Honey-scented, white flowers with yellow eyes.

Penstemon eatonii: Firecracker Penstemon
Bright red, tubular flowers arrayed on stalks.

Penstemon parryi: Parry's Penstemon
Dark pink to magenta, tubular flowers, with flared lobes.

Salvia coccinea: Scarlet Sage
Bright red flowers.

Sphaeralcea ambigua: Desert Globemallow
Cup shaped flowers in orange, red, pink or white.

Tetraneuris acaulis: Angelita Daisy
Yellow daisy-like flowers.

Thymophylla pentachaeta: Golden Dyssodia
Yellow, daisy-like flowers.


Cephalophyllum alstonii: 'Red Spike' Ice Plant
Red to magenta flowers.

Hesperaloe parviflora: Red Yucca
Narrow leaves and reddish tubular flowers.


Acacia farnesiana: Sweet Acacia
Sweetly fragrant, golden yellow, puffball flowers.

Cercis canadensis var. mexicana: Mexican Redbud
Pink flowers and heart shaped leaves.

Sophora secundiflora: Texas Mountain Laurel
Fragrant violet-blue flowers in drooping clusters.


Bougainvillea: Bougainvillea
Cascades of bracts in many colors.

Eremophila maculata: Spotted Emu Bush
Eremophila maculata: Spotted Emu Bush


Berberis: Barberry
Fragrant yellow flowers and holly-like leaves.

Calliandra californica: Baja Fairy Duster
Red dust broom flowers.

Calliandra eriophylla: Fairyduster
Pink, powder-puff flowers.

Dalea frutescens: Black Dalea
Rose-purple flowers in short spikes.

Dalea pulchra: Indigo Bush
Purple flowers in clusters.

Encelia farinosa: Brittlebush
Yellow flowers and sliver, blue-green leaves.

Eremophila glabra: Emu Bush
Red tubular flowers.

Eremophila hygrophana: Blue Bells / Blue Emu Bush
Blue tubular flowers.

Eremophila maculata: Spotted Emu Bush
Tubular flowers in red and other colors.

Justicia californica: Chuparosa
Reddish tubular flowers and blue-green, succulent-like stems.

Justicia spicigera: Mexican honeysuckle
Clusters of orange, tubular flowers.

Lantana camara: Lantana
Rounded clusters of small, multi-colored flowers.

Lantana montevidensis: Trailing Lantana
Rounded clusters of small purple flowers.

Rosmarinus officinalis: Rosemary
Small, clustered, pale blue flowers and culinary leaves.

Ruellia peninsularis: Desert Ruellia
Blue or purple trumpet-shaped flowers.

Salvia coccinea: Scarlet Sage
Bright red flowers.

Salvia farinacea: Mealycup Sage
White and blue flowers.

Salvia greggii: Autumn Sage
Brightly colored flowers in many shades of red.

Salvia x jamensis: Salvia 'Hot Lips'
Red and white flowers.

Senna artemisioides: Silver Senna
Profuse, clustered, yellow flowers.

Tecoma capensis: Cape Honeysuckle
Orange trumpet flowers in clusters.

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