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Low Water, Heat Tolerant Shade Trees and Palms

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Low Water, Heat Tolerant Shade Trees and Palms

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Shade Trees

Parkinsonia florida tree

Acacia constricta: Whitethorn Acacia
Fragrant, bright yellow puffball flowers. Provides light shade. 12-18' high.

Acacia farnesiana: Sweet Acacia
Sweetly fragrant, orange to yellow, puffball flowers. Provides light shade. 15-25' high.

Acacia salicina: Willow Acacia
Fragrant, white, puffball flowers. Provides moderate shade. 30-40' high.

Acacia stenophylla: Shoestring Acacia
Necklace-like seed pods, long narrow green leaves have weeping appearance. Provides light to moderate shade. 20-40' high.

Caesalpinia mexicana: Mexican Bird of Paradise
Bright yellow flower spikes on branch tips. Provides moderate shade. 10-15' high.

Ceratonia siliqua: Carob Tree
Brown seed pods with a chocolate flavor. Provides dense shade. 30-40' high.

Cercidium hybrid: Hybrid Palo Verde / 'Desert Museum'
Bright yellow blossoms. Yellow-green bark. Provides light shade. 25-30' high.

Cercidium microphyllum: Yellow Paloverde
Pale yellow blossoms. Yellow-green bark. Provides light shade. 10-20' high and wide.

Cercis canadensis var. mexicana: Mexican Redbud
Pink flowers mid winter. Heart shaped leaves. Provides moderate shade. 18-25' high.

Chilopsis linearis: Desert Willow
Large, fragrant flowers are purple to pink to white. Provides light shade. 6-25' high.

Cordia boissieri: Texas Olive
Clustered, white flowers with yellow throats. Provides moderate shade. 12-24' high.

Dodonaea viscosa: Florida Hop Bush
Papery, winged seed capsules. Provides moderate shade. 12-15' high.

Ebenopsis ebano: Texas Ebony
Creamy yellow, fragrant flowers. Provides dense shade. 15-30' high.

Eucalyptus species: Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus trees are not recommended because they grow large rapidly and are structurally weak. Owners experience heavy falling limbs (the wood is dense), severe die-back during freezes, and expensive tree-trimming bills to remove dead wood. The trees produce abundant litter from falling leaves, flowers, fruit, bark and branches. The leaves contain a flammable oil. Branches routinely drop during the summer.

Fraxinus greggii: Littleleaf Ash
Inconspicuous flowers. Provides light to moderate shade. 12-20' high.

wildlife unfriendly icon Lagerstroemia indica: Crepe Myrtle
Clustered, crinkled, pink, red or white flowers. Provides moderate shade. 30' high.

Lysiloma watsonii: Feather Bush
White puffball flowers, fern-like leaves. Provides light shade. 20' high.

Maclura tricuspidata: Mandarin Melon Berry
Attractive, red hanging fruit. Provides medium to dense shade. 25' high.

Moringa oleifera: Moringa
Edible leaves and seedpods. Provides light to light-medium shade. 32-40' high.

Morus species: Mulberry
Fruit attracts birds. Provides dense shade. 10-50' high.

Parkinsonia florida in bloom
Parkinsonia florida: Blue Palo Verde

wildlife unfriendly icon Nerium oleander: Oleander
Flowers bloom spring through fall, many colors available. Provides moderate shade. 3-20' high.

Olea europaea: Olive
Evergreen. Provides dense shade. 30' high.

Olneya tesota: Desert Ironwood
Purple and white flowers. Provides moderate shade. 15-30' high.

Parkinsonia florida: Blue Palo Verde
Bright yellow blossoms. Blue-green bark. Provides light shade. 25' high.

Prosopis glandulosa: Honey Mesquite
Fuzzy yellow flowers. Provides moderate to dense shade. 30' high.

Prosopis hybrid: Hybrid Mesquite
Fuzzy cream colored flowers. Provides moderate to dense shade. 20-40' high.

Prosopis velutina: Velvet Mesquite
Fragrant, fuzzy yellow flowers. Provides moderate to dense shade. 30-40' high.

Quercus buckleyi: Texas Red Oak
Leaves turn red in fall. Provides moderate shade. 30-40' high.

Sophora secundiflora: Texas Mountain Laurel
Fragrant violet-blue flowers in drooping clusters. Provides dense shade. 15-25' high.

Ungnadia speciosa: Mexican Buckeye
Fragrant rose-purple flowers. Provides dense shade. 10-15' high.

Vauquelinia californica: Arizona Rosewood
Clusters of small white flowers. Provides dense shade. 10-30' high.

Ziziphus jujuba: Jujube
Delicious fruit. Provides moderate shade. 15-30' high.


Brahea armata: Mexican Blue Palm
A fan palm that grows 30-40' high. Spectacular large, pendulent flower plumes.

Brahea edulis: Guadalupe Palm
A fan palm that grows 36-45' high. Pale yellow flowers clustered on long plumes.

Butia odorata: Pindo Palm / Jelly Palm
A hardy, trouble-free, feather palm growing 10-12' high. Large sprays of yellow to orange, round to oval edible fruit, with a mixed-fruit flavor. The flower bundle stalks can be clipped before opening to prevent fruit production.

Phoenix dactylifera: True Date Palm
A feather palm growing 100-120' high. Known for its edible dates.

Washingtonia filifera: California Fan Palm
A fan palm that grows 60' high.

The trunks of all trees should be at least
30' from a house to reduce fire danger.

wildlife unfriendly icon = Wildlife unfriendly.

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