Ground Cover and Erosion Control

Ground Cover

Fallugia paradoxa

Acalypha monostachya: Round Copperleaf
Round to heart-shaped, green to gray-green leaves. Tiny, fuzzy, red to pink flowers.

Calylophus hartwegii: Hartweg's Sundrops
Bright yellow flowers.

Dalea capitata: Lemon Dalea
Bright yellow, clustered flowers.

Glandularia aristigera: Moss Verbena
Pink, purple or white flowers in rounded clusters. Aromatic, lacey green leaves.

Glandularia gooddingii: Southwestern Mock Vervain
Hemispherical clusters of purple to pink flowers.

Oenothera speciosa: Evening Primrose
White to pink fragrant flowers.

Thymophylla pentachaeta: Golden Dyssodia
Yellow daisy-like flowers in abundance. Lacy green leaves.

Ground Cover and Erosion Control

Achillea millefolium: Yarrow
Tiny flowers in flat clusters, white, red, pink, orange or yellow.

Buchloe dactyloides: Buffalo Grass

Carissa macrocarpa: Natal Plum
Evergreen leaves, edible red fruit.

Cephalophyllum alstonii: 'Red Spike' Ice Plant
A succulent with red flowers.

Cynodon dactylon: Bermuda Grass

Dolichandra unguis-cati: Cats Claw Vine
A vine with large yellow flowers capable of covering a wide area.

Epilobium canum: Hummingbird Trumpet
Reddish-orange flowers in clusters.

Gazania rigens: Gazania
Large flowers in vivid colors.

Fallugia paradoxa
Fallugia paradoxa: Apache Plume

Lobelia laxiflora: Mexican Bush Lobelia
Orange-red tubular flowers with yellow throats.

Lonicera japonica: Japanese Honeysuckle
Fragrant white flowers, aging to light yellow.

Malephora luteola: Rocky Point Ice Plant
Yellow flowers, succulent leaves and stems.

Mesembryanthemum cordifolium: Baby Sun Rose
Succulent leaves and small red flowers.

Rosa banksiae: Lady Banks' Rose
A vine-like shrub. Large clusters of medium-small white or yellow flowers with slight fragrance.

Zinnia grandiflora: Rocky Mountain Zinnia
Yellow flowers with orange eyes.

Larger Plants for Erosion Control

Atriplex canescens: Fourwing Saltbush
A wildlife plant.

Calliandra eriophylla: Fairyduster
Pink, powder-puff flowers.

Dodonaea viscosa: Florida Hop Bush
Papery, winged seed capsules.

Encelia farinosa: Brittlebush
Yellow flowers with orange to brown centers and sliver, blue-green leaves.

Eriogonum fasciculatum: California buckwheat
White to pale pink, fluffy flowers at tips of stalks.

Fallugia paradoxa: Apache Plume
White flowers with yellow centers. Feathery, pink, seed head plumes.

Opuntia genus: Prickly Pear Cactus
Large red and yellow flowers. Wide pads and shallow roots for erosion control on banks and slopes.

Pyracantha coccinea: Scarlet Firethorn A thorny evergreen shrub with showy white flowers and brightly colored berries.

Rhus trilobata: Three Leaf Sumac
Red berries attract wildlife. Branches used for baskets and wreaths.

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