Garden Shrubs

Aloysia gratissima: Whitebrush
Tiny white flowers clustered on spikes with a strong vanilla smell.

Callistemon citrinus

Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii: Flame Acanthus
Reddish-orange, tubular flowers. Extra hardy during drought and heat.

Anisacanthus thurberi: Thurber's Desert Honeysuckle
Dark orange to red, tubular flowers.

Asclepias linaria: Pineneedle Milkweed
Clustered small white flowers on long stems with pine needle leaves.

Bauhinia lunarioides: Anacacho Orchid Tree
Fragrant white to pinkish flowers.

Berberis: Barberry
Fragrant yellow flowers and holly-like leaves.

Buddleja marrubiifolia: Woolly Butterfly Bush
Ball-shaped clusters of orange flowers. .

Caesalpinia pulcherrima: Red Bird of Paradise
Elaborate flowers with yellow, orange and red petals.

Calliandra californica: Baja Fairy Duster
Bright red, clustered stamens resembling miniature dusters.

Calliandra eriophylla: Fairyduster
Pink, powder-puff flowers.

Carissa macrocarpa: Natal Plum
An evergreen shrub with fragrant, white flowers, edible red fruit, and dark green leaves in overlapping clusters.

Ceanothus: Desert Lilac
An evergreen shrub with clusters of tiny white or blue flowers and a strong lilac scent.

Chrysactinia mexicana: Damianita
An evergreen shrub covered with fragrant, yellow, daisies.

Cordia parvifolia: Little Leaf Cordia
White flowers in clusters.

Dalea frutescens: Black Dalea
Rose-purple flowers in short spikes.

Dalea pulchra: Indigo Bush
Clustered purple flowers.

Dodonaea viscosa: Hopbush
An evergreen shrub with papery, winged seed capsules. .

Ebenopsis ebano: Texas Ebony
Creamy yellow, fragrant flowers.

Encelia farinosa: Brittlebush
Yellow flowers with orange to brown centers and sliver, blue-green leaves.

Eremophila glabra: Emu Bush
An evergreen shrub with red tubular flowers.

Eremophila hygrophana: Blue Bells / Blue Emu Bush
An evergreen shrub with blue tubular flowers that bloom most of the year.

Eremophila maculata: Spotted Emu Bush
A winter-blooming, evergreen shrub with red tubular flowers.

Ericameria laricifolia: Turpentine Bush
An evergreen shrub covered with yellow flowers in the fall.

Eriogonum fasciculatum: California buckwheat
An evergreen shrub topped by white to pale pink fluffy flowers.

Erythrina flabelliformis: Coralbean
Clusters of red, tubular flowers on long stalks.

Erythrostemon gilliesii: Bird-of-Paradise Bush
Yellow flowers with long red stamens.

Erythrostemon mexicanus: Mexican Bird of Paradise
Flowers with yellow petals and yellow stamens.

Fallugia paradoxa: Apache Plume
White flowers, with yellow centers, followed by feathery, pink, plumed seeds.

Fouquieria splendens: Ocotillo
Orange to red flowers clustered at top of very spiny, tall green canes.

Gossypium harknessii: San Marcos Hibiscus
Five red dots inside large, cup-shaped, pale yellow flowers.

Guaiacum coulteri: Guayacan
Clustered blue flowers in spring.

Heteromeles arbutifolia: Toyon / Christmas Berry
Evergreen, with clustered white flowers and red berries.

Hyptis emoryi: Desert Lavender
Tiny, clustered, purple flowers among fragrant, lavender scented leaves.

Justicia californica: Chuparosa
Reddish tubular flowers and blue-green, succulent-like stems.

Justicia spicigera: Mexican honeysuckle
Clusters of orange, tubular flowers.

Melaleuca citrina
Melaleuca citrina: Crimson Bottlebrush

Lantana camara: Lantana
Small flowers, in rounded clusters of various colors.

Lantana montevidensis: Trailing Lantana
Small purple flowers in rounded clusters.

Larrea tridentata: Creosote Bush
An evergreen shrub with small yellow flowers and shiny green, resinous leaves.

Leucophyllum frutescens: Texas Sage / Texas Ranger
Purple, pink or white flowers amid green to silver leaves.

Lycium brevipes: Baja Desert-thorn
Tiny white to purple flowers with red berries and thorns. .

Melaleuca citrina: Crimson Bottlebrush
An evergreen shrub with large, red, bottlebrush flowers and lemon-scented leaves.

Myrtus communis: Myrtle
An evergreen shrub or small tree with an exotic leaf pattern and fragrant white to cream flowers.

wildlife-unfriendly icon Nerium oleander: Oleander
An evergreen shrub or small tree with flowers that bloom spring through fall in a choice of colors.

Pinus edulis: Pinyon Pine
A slow-growing, long-lived, ornamental pine shrub that starts bearing pine nuts after 25 years.

Pistacia lentiscus: Mastic Tree
An attractive, slow growing, hardy, low maintenance, evergreen shrub.

Poliomintha maderensis: Lavender Spice
An evergreen shrub with fragrant, clustered, purple to white tubular flowers. Extra hardy during heat, drought and freezing temperatures.

Prunus ilicifolia: Hollyleaf Cherry
An evergreen shrub or small tree with holly-like leaves, edged with soft spines, producing red cherries in summer.

Punica granatum: Pomegranate
A tree or shrub with highly ornamental flowers and fruit. Extra hardy during drought and heat.

Pyracantha coccinea: Scarlet Firethorn A thorny evergreen shrub with showy white flowers and brightly colored berries.

Rhus ovata: Sugar Bush
An evergreen shrub with shiny green leaves. Red buds open into small, clustered white flowers.

Rhus trilobata: Three Leaf Sumac
Edible, reddish berries on soft, bendable stems.

Rhus virens: Evergreen Sumac
An evergreen shrub with leathery green leaflets. Small white flowers are followed by clustered orange to red fruit.

Rosa banksiae: Lady Banks' Rose
A vine-like shrub. Large clusters of medium-small white or yellow roses with a slight fragrance.

Rosmarinus officinalis: Rosemary
An evergreen shrub with narrow, aromatic green leaves. Small, clustered, pale blue flowers are a bee magnet.

Ruellia peninsularis: Desert Ruellia
Blue or purple, trumpet-shaped flowers. .

Salvia clevelandii: Cleveland Sage
Fragrant, gray-green leaves and blue trumpet-shaped flowers.

Salvia greggii: Autumn Sage
Red flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Extra hardy during drought and heat.

Senna artemisioides: Silver Senna
An evergreen shrub with clustered yellow flowers in winter and spring.

Simmondsia chinensis: Jojoba
An evergreen shrub for a xeric garden.

Sophora secundiflora: Texas Mountain Laurel
An evergreen shrub or small tree producing fragrant, violet-blue flowers in drooping clusters. White seedpods persist for months.

Tagetes lemmonii: Lemmon's Marigold
Aromatic leaves and yellow flowers with orange centers.

Tecoma capensis: Cape Honeysuckle
Orange trumpet flowers and interesting patterned foliage.

Tecoma stans: Yellow Bells
Yellow bell-like flowers 2" long.

Teucrium fruticans: Bush Germander
An evergreen shrub with blue flowers and silver-blue leaves.

Vauquelinia californica: Arizona Rosewood
An evergreen shrub or small tree with clusters of small white flowers.

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